About us

Our mission

To protect you and our planet

Our life on this planet is the only one we have. Just one chance to really make a difference. We want to protect your health without harming the environment. This is why we set about developing the most sustainable and efficient method of cleaning very fine pollutant particles from the air.

Our team

Science you can trust

Developed by a team of German engineers, air quality experts and design pioneers to make the world a healthier place. We believe in technology and innovation with a sustainable purpose. We have resolved to help make people’s lives healthier while at the same time protecting our one and only planet.

Our promise

Clean air with a clear conscience

Our goal was ambitious. Our aim at OneLife was to develop a whole new type of air purifier. An air purifier that uses just one filter for a lifetime, consumes minimal energy, is based on the most environmentally responsible technology, and removes even the tiniest pollutants with its high performance electrostatic filter. The OneLife X has exceeded even our wildest expectations.